Ear Plugs Care & Use

SIFE is the most intricate earplug brand.

For years, we have met thousands of customers, measured their ears, designed the shape, analyzed their surrounding noise patterns, and completed the earplugs using the safest materials possible.

SIFE`s ear plugs.

DeepSleep - Provides Sufficient Soundproofing for a Comfortable Sleep with Comfortable Fit and Safe Materials. (e.g. for those experiencing sleep disorders)

Study - Excellent soundproofing allows for immersion and the grip attachment makes it easy to put on and off. (e.g. for students, freelancers, and remote workers)

Daily - Doesn't completely block the ear, making it possible to deal with dangerous situations, and allowing for a peaceful daily life. (e.g. for those who find everyday noise too difficult)

Musician - Provides hearing protection and accurate monitoring simultaneously by reducing flatness across low, mid, and high frequencies. (e.g. for instrument players, DJs, performance planners, and music school instructors)

Industry - Creates a safe working environment by reducing on-site noise and allowing communication through the use of sound dampers. (e.g. for industrial workers and supervisors)

Ear Plugs F.A.Q

Q What is the noise reduction level of the earplugs for sleep?

A The noise reduction level of the earplugs for sleep is about 26-27dB, which is approximately equivalent to blocking the ears with fingers.

Q What material are the earplugs made of?

A The earplugs and ear sleeves are made of medical-grade silicone that is safe for human use.

Q How do I distinguish between left and right earplugs?

A The right earplug is red, and the left earplug is blue. You can differentiate them by the color of the initials on the product. Please note this when collecting ear impressions. (However, for aviation, we make them in left ear and right ear models.)

Q The orange earplugs sold in stores seem to have similar noise reduction. What is the difference?

A Sponge-type earplugs can cause mild otitis media from contamination and bacterial growth on the surface when reused repeatedly. Also, as the density of the sponge decreases with repeated use, the noise reduction level decreases over time. In contrast, deep sleep earplugs are made of materials suitable for human use, can be washed, and have a permanent shape, allowing for long-term use.

Q How should I clean the earplugs and ear sleeves?

A Rinse them with soap and water and let them dry naturally. (However, for musician, industry, and aviation models, you must remove the filter before cleaning, dry them completely, and then reattach the filter.)

Q Can I choose the color of the earplugs?

A Yes, you can choose from "Mono Black / Light Purple / Baby Pink / Milk White / Ocean Blue/Clear," and you can see the actual color samples before making your selection.

Q Do I need to remove earwax before taking ear impressions?

A Yes, it will be helpful for the ear impression procedure. If there is severe earwax that blocks the entire eardrum, we recommend visiting an ENT specialist to have it removed before coming in for the ear impression.

Q I have a history of ear infections. Is it okay to use the earplugs?

A If you have a history of ear infections, you must visit an ENT specialist to get their opinion. After surgery or procedure, there may be pressure and pain due to expansion of the inner ear space during ear impression, so it is important to get their professional opinion. If you do not disclose your medical history or choose to proceed with ear impression despite being advised against it, we will not be held responsible for any accidents that may occur during the process.

SIFE Earplug development direction

We will create earplugs that do not look like earplugs. Do you remember the customer who said, "Custom-made earplugs are scary because they look like hearing aids"? We will create products with a smooth design like wireless earphones, which will not be burdensome even in daily life.