"We have conducted many researches with various experiments to produce our products safely and intricately."

SIFE is a brand that creates ear protection with the user in mind. 

We face three main problems.

  1. Stable fit problems.
  2. Safe material problems.
  3. hygiene problems.

We solve all three problems.

First, Stable and comfortable fit: When talking or eating, the ear (outer ear canal) also moves. Our products are made by accurately modeling ear, so even with movement, the product stays in place and maintains its noise reduction effect.

Two, Safe materials are used: Some products can cause allergies fore people with sensitive skin. But some of our products uses medical-grade materials that even inhibit bacterial growth, allowing for safer and more secure use.

Third, clean hygiene management: Our products are easy cleaning. The product is made of a material that is safe to come into contact with water, making it possible to clean it hygienically every day.

Premium Hearing Protection Solutions made by Ear Specialists

  • It is not comfort as a marketing expression.
  • Provides comfort with a proper fit.
  • It uses technology and safe materials that enable comfort.

Over the years, we have met thousands of customers, researched and designed their ears, and found the safest materials to complete the product.

Who is looking for us?

Soldier, Pilot, industrial workers, Student, player, Musician, performance planner, recording engineer, a person who is sensitive to noise, people with sleep disorders.

Anyone who wants to protect their ears.

About SIFE:

SIFE Technology: Precision Fit, Precise Sound, Noise Cancellation.

SIFE products fit perfectly on all ears. Those who are uncomfortable with the existing S, M, L sizes because their ears are too big or too small. Micro layering ensures a snug fit regardless of ear size and shape.