What is the sound reduction level of the SIFE product?

SIFE offers a variety of product lines that can be chosen depending on the situation. Please
refer to each product's detailed page for more information.

What material is used for the product?

Since it is intended for contact with the body, both silicone and polymer are biocompatible

Howdo I distinguish between left and right?

The right earplug is red, and the left earplug is blue. You can differentiate them
by the color of the initials on the product. Please note this when collecting ear impressions. (However, for aviation, we make them in left ear and right ear models.)

There is no distinction between left and right eartips

Care & Use

Custom Earplugs

These are handcrafted custom earplugs made by directly molding to the shape of the customer's ear.

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Guide & Use

Ear tips

SIFE Ear tips improve the sound quality of various earphones and block out surrounding noise.

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