Ear tips Guide & Use

SIFE eartips give you great sound quality.

SIFE eartips provide a comfortable fit to the ears even after using earphones for a long time, and deliver improved sound quality. It also reduces outside noise so you can focus more on the sound.

SIFE`s ear tips.

The Standard ear tips are compatible with a variety of earphones, and provide perfect noise isolation from external sounds as well as a comfortable fit even during extended wear, without causing any discomfort to the ears. Additionally, they offer optimal sound quality without any loss of sound. (SF-100, SF-245)

The hybrid ear tip that combines the advantages of silicone and memory foam material. The exterior of this ear tip is made of silicone, while the interior is composed of memory foam. Compared to conventional memory foam tips, it is easier to clean and maintain, provides improved external noise blocking, comfortable wear, and optimal sound quality without any loss of sound. (SF-HYD)

The Pod Pro, designed exclusively for Apple AirPods Pro, provide comfort even during long-term wear, and offer excellent noise isolation from external sounds, resulting in clear and undistorted audio quality. (SF-AIP)

Ear Tips F.A.Q

Q. Can I continue using it if I just clean it?

A. SIFE Ear tips are consumable products, and their restorative power may weaken slightly after cleaning due to material characteristics. On average, they have a lifespan of 2-3 months.

Q. I want to replace it with a new tip, but the existing foam tip is not coming off easily.

A. If it doesn't come off easily by hand, you can easily remove it by lightly holding it with a soft cloth like a glasses cleaning cloth.

Q. How do I distinguish between left and right earplugs?

A. The right earplug is red, and the left earplug is blue. You can differentiate them by the color of the initials on the product. Please note this when collecting ear impressions. (However, for aviation, we make them in left ear and right ear models.)

Q. There are foreign substances on the surface of the foam tip! There is a slightly protruding part on the foam tip filter. Is it defective?

A. The protruding part is a by-product produced during the foam tip production process, and can be easily removed by blowing or lightly tapping it with the mouth.
B. If there are foreign substances or visible defects that cannot be removed, please contact customer service.